Home Ownership June 10, 2022

Welcome Home to Amelia Street

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If you’re searching for a stunning historic home with charm, character, and amenities, you’re in for an absolute treat with this one-of-a-kind property in Fredericksburg, VA. Conveniently located on Amelia Street in downtown Fredericksburg, this home will captivate you.


Your Home can Double as a Historic Landmark 

The history behind this home is rich; it is known by the name ‘Smithsonia.’ A landmark in Fredericksburg for over 170 years, Smithsonia is a Greek Revival Style structure that did not start as a private home.


Originally, the Presbyterian church created Smithsonia so that it would function as a Female Orphan Asylum in 1834. The Asylum was meant to be where girls who went to a charity school could live. However, Smithsonia functioned as a hospital during the civil war as most large buildings in Fredericksburg were transformed into hospitals during that time period.


Not long after the Civil War, Miss Rebecca Smith turned Smithsonia into a boarding house for elderly women. Smithsonia is called ‘Smithsonia’ in honor of Miss Rebecca Smith. After the boarding house closed, Fredericksburg College used the home as a dormitory for boys until the college ceased operations.


There is graffiti on the home’s bricks, evidence that the home was not used until William E. Lang purchased it in 1917. The Langs lived in Smithsonia until 1942 when Dr. Earle R. and Jane Ware purchased the home. A different family acquired the home from the Ware’s estate, and in 2007, the current owner took over.


The Amenities that Will Make This House Your Home

Smithsonia has various features that will make any prospective homeowner swoon. For example, the home has a conservatory, a formal garden, and a carriage house around back. The outside of the home looks nearly identical to its original state, but the previous two owners have upgraded the inside of the home.


On the outside of the home, you’ll find Doric columns and a full-facade porch with a wide band of trim. The front door is paneled, and over the front door, there is a decorative transom, which lets in natural light. There is a raised first floor that sits over an English-style basement. Plus, there is an informal room to eat and a large common room, on the first floor. The house has large windows and louvered shutters. Also, there is a brick wall that encloses Smithsonia and its outbuildings.


Coldwell Banker Elite can Make Smithsonia Yours 

Between the property’s history and amenities, Smithsonia is a one-of-a-kind home that is perfect for your family. If you want to learn more about Smithsonia, Coldwell Banker Elite can help you take the steps towards making this house your home. To inquire, head over to the listing (we’ve linked it here) and schedule a showing today!


Coldwell Banker strives to connect people like you with homes like Smithsonia. Contact us today, and you’ll be one step closer to moving into your dream home.