More About Me

I used to joke that I didn't choose a career in Real Estate; I was raised in this industry and wasn't given a choice. I soon realized that wasn't entirely true. You choose the life you lead and the people you surround yourself with every single day. I feel blessed beyond belief when I look at my life, family, career, and the people at Coldwell Banker Elite. I won't say every choice I've ever made has been the best one, but it has gotten me here today, with incredible people around me. I look forward to choosing it all over again tomorrow!

When I began my career in Real Estate, I was fresh out of college with a BSBA in Marketing from Christopher Newport University. My brother and I started a Team and quickly became successful marketing properties differently from other Realtors…with video and social media. Gasp! We had a successful run together, working with our sphere, assisting Military members and their families through our Relocation Department, and selling out a $20 million brownstone community in Downtown Fredericksburg. I still remember those days as my absolute favorite period as an agent. 

Eventually, we disbanded the Team as I stepped into the Director of Business Development role, where I managed the Relocation Department at Coldwell Banker Elite. What a wild ride! Our relocation team consistently crushed the goals set before us. We achieved Platinum status for the 5 years I was managing the department, which was the highest award in the Relocation world for outstanding performance. By the end of my run as Director of Business Development, we positioned ourselves as one of the Top 25 Brokers in the entire Anywhere Real Estate Network, including some of the largest and highest performing real estate companies in the nation. 

My next role was the Managing Broker of our Spotsylvania Office. Remember when I said I feel blessed to be around the people I work with every day? That started with our Spotsy agents. It was my responsibility to help these amazing entrepreneurs achieve their highest potential in Real Estate. My primary focus was showcasing what’s possible with a positive attitude and disciplined daily habits. You’d be surprised how far you can go with a few simple words, like “I am.” A simple change in how you start your day, in the stories you tell about yourself, and the goals you set can make all the difference in the world.

Currently, I am our Vice President of Operations. I’m fortunate enough to be positioned where I can take what I learned as Managing Broker of the Spotsylvania Office and provide the same service to our entire agent base.

Whether you’re a brand-new agent just launching your business or a seasoned agent with years of transactions under your belt, I’d love to meet with you to discuss what Coldwell Banker Elite has to offer. Give me a call so we can schedule a time to talk!


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