Using AI to
Elevate your business

Using 3 simple prompts with ChatGPT

Craft a buyer persona

Figuring out your target market is step 1. Use ChatGPT to help you determine who that is with 1 simple prompt.

Write a creative listing description

Now that we know our likely buyer, we can tailor our listing description to meet their needs and spark their interest in the property.

Advertise your listing

Next, we create a social media strategy to expose our listing to as many interested buyers as possible.

3 Simple Prompts

You can change the way you market your listings with 3 simple prompts using ChatGPT. Fill out the form below to receive your customizeable copy.

chatgpt prompts to elevate your business

CB Estimate

Your clients can begin their selling journey by getting an instant estimate on their home's value.

The MoveMeter

Your clients can compare cities in a number of different ways to help turn their dream move into a reality.

Neighborhood News

Your clients receive up-to-date market information on their neighborhood keeping you top of mind!

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